DEX 2019 covers the topics and techniques to help you deliver a great digital employee experience in your organisation
Your chance to see first-hand what remarkable solutions the 2019 winners have delivered
Learn from the 2019 winners of the global awards that surface great intranets and digital workplaces

DEX 2019 opens for registrations!

By: James Robertson Posted: June 6, 2019
Australia’s unique digital employee experience conference (DEX 2019) opens for registrations, announcing the first of our speakers.
Get support and assistance that will position your team for success in the new financial year
Know what’s coming to the digital workplace, and plan for the future

Do you need a governance refresh?

By: James Robertson Posted: April 16, 2019
Get an intranet governance document you can hold in your hands via Step Two’s governance quick start offering.

How important is digital employee experience?

By: James Robertson Posted: April 9, 2019
The global DEX survey sheds light on the strategic importance of digital employee experience.
The opening keynote in Utrecht showed the journey from intranets to digital workplaces and DEX.
The 2018/2019 global DEX survey sheds light on the strategic focus within organisations.