Does your digital workplace support your staff and business strategy?

The emerging digital workplace is being driven by technology, business and culture changes in all organisations. It provides a fresh opportunity to align what’s delivered to your workforce, and to fully harness the knowledge of all staff.

We see IT, internal communications, HR and the business coming together to explore how new platforms and ways of working can be launched, embedded and exploited. Workforce needs are a growing priority, recognising that they’re tightly coupled with great customer experiences.

More than ever, however, it can be hard to navigate the maze of possibilities available. With so much change happening in parallel, it’s vital to have a shared vision, and confidence that limited resources are being spent wisely.

What we do

We plan and design solutions for the workforce and the workplace. We help you determine new ways of working in the digital workplace, as well as raising employee engagement and promoting business agility.

We’re the world’s digital workplace and intranet experts, with 20 years of unwavering focus and deep functional expertise. We work across all industries and geographies to provide clarity and focus, and our methods and frameworks are used by hundreds of successful organisations across the globe.

At Step Two, we see strategy as much more than just a plan: it defines the not just where you should go, but also how you should get there and why. Helping clients determine their strategy is at the heart of our business, and we will be your expert guides throughout the journey.

In all our projects, we deliver clear, pragmatic and actionable recommendations. Our consultants will work collaboratively with you, and we will share our thought leadership, experience and collective knowledge at every step of the way.

The customer comes first, always, and we measure success by the value we deliver to you and your staff.

What sets us apart

We know digital workplaces, more than any other firm, having spent 20 years building (and sharing!) our knowledge. We put workforce needs at the heart of all our work, and our strategies are informed by robust staff research.

Unlike many firms, we don’t sell products, implement systems or write code. We’re highly knowledgable about technology (and the market), but entirely vendor-neutral.

As a specialist consultancy, we treat every project as an opportunity to further innovate, and aren’t satisfied by ‘cookie cutter’ deliverables. For us, theory must always meet reality, generating an outcome that works for your staff and your business.

What our clients say


Our expertise

icon_dwDigital workplace
Future-focused strategies are needed as new capabilities come into organisations.

We are the world’s intranet experts, from research through to strategy and design.

icon_socialSocial and collaboration
Organisations are helping staff work together more effectively, but the right strategy is crucial.

icon_kmKnowledge management
We provide pragmatic advice on knowledge and information management strategy.

icon_technologyTechnology advice
We provide unbiased advice on web CMS, SharePoint and other intranet platforms.

icon_uxUser experience
We have literally written the book on how to deliver great user experiences for staff.

How we work

We have a toolbox of well-tested methodologies for delivering the outcomes you need.

icon_mentoringAdvice and mentoring
Get our knowledge and insight on tap, to use whenever you need it throughout your project.

icon_workshopsIn-house workshops
Build knowledge and expertise quickly within your organisation, and learn practical skills.

Spotlight on services

The Annual Intranet Review assesses your intranet against 80 best-practice criteria, along with expert advice drawn from our 20 years of experience. Read more

Who we’ve worked with (to name just a few)

Over the last 20+ years, we’ve worked with hundreds of organisations both large and small, across Australia and internationally. This includes:

Local councils
University & tertiary

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