Bringing our unique depth of experience to SharePoint-based intranets, Microsoft Viva and M365

Step Two will help you unpick the complexity of M365, allowing you to realise the potential of the communication, collaboration and information tools and features on offer

Defining best practice for SharePoint Online intranets

With the rise of SharePoint Online, Step Two have developed a set of best practice approaches for working with this powerful but complex environment. Covering search, structure, news and more, our SharePoint Online best practice tips and advice are integrated into all our service deliverables.

How Step Two can help

We apply our trusted techniques to a range of M365 challenges, from designing and delivering SharePoint Online intranets, utilising Microsoft Viva, to M365 training and adoption frameworks.

SharePoint Online intranet strategy, planning and scoping

SharePoint Online intranets, like any other site, must meet employee needs. We will conduct employee research to surface systemic pain points and identify opportunities for delivering improved intranet experiences.

We combine these insights with our unique depth of intranet knowledge and our understanding of SharePoint Online’s practicalities to produce highly effective intranet strategies and plans. We also outline where new intranets will interact and overlap with other M365 apps and channels.

From our library: conducting intranet needs analysis; explainer video: five purposes of modern intranets; downloadable resource: intranet roadmap

SharePoint Online user experience

SharePoint Online intranets have an inherently flat structure. This enables two elements to be split apart: the navigation experience that enables employees to find what they need, and the underlying site architecture that positions the use of hubs and sites to ensure manageability.

We bring best practice user experience (UX) techniques to the design of SharePoint Online intranets, overlain with our knowledge of the platform’s capabilities. We prototype directly in your tenant illustrating what can be done using native SharePoint capabilities and what will require custom development or a third-party solution.

From our library: video: intranet best practices for SharePoint Online; SharePoint Modern navigation structure; best practice approach for delivering a SharePoint Online intranet

M365 adoption approaches

Change and adoption is the greatest challenge faced by organisations in realising their return on investment for M365.

Using plain English concepts such as ‘working with files’ or ‘working as a team’, we collaborate with you to develop a scenario-based M365 skills matrix. With a clear understanding of what competencies are required, we work with you to develop change and adoption strategies that can be applied in the real world.

From our library: key concepts for M365 training; four ways to guide users to which M365 tool to use when


You no longer have to be a tech-head to set up and edit SharePoint Modern sites. This is great news for individual teams but challenging for management and governance.

Step Two’s Intranet Operating Model covers the key aspects for managing and delivering your SharePoint intranet. We also look at the broader picture of accountability, roles and responsibilities across the M365 suite of collaboration and communication tools.

From our library: Intranet Operating Model; establish graduated governance for SharePoint Online

SharePoint partner selection and procurement support

While SharePoint Online is a capable intranet platform in its own right, there are likely to be a few areas where additional capabilities and technical support are required.

Step Two will provide an unbiased assessment of the optimum SharePoint partner for your organisation. Our end-to-end assistance will support you through to the go-to-market process, including determining requirements, writing an RFP and providing a short-list of relevant vendors.

From our library: five pro tips for selecting an intranet technology platform; use the five purposes to guide intranet technology selection

Goals and metrics

M365 offers many native analytics tools, yet it’s surprisingly challenging to extract meaningful and actionable measures to support you in managing your SharePoint intranet.

Step Two will work with you to identify measurable goals, with advice on native versus third-party analytics and reporting. We will also consider techniques for feeding metrics back into your planning and budgeting cycle.

From our library: how to measure the value of digital employee experience; planning to demontrate success

M365 communications channels

The proliferation of M365 internal communications channels offer a wealth of opportunities to connect with your organisation but can also create a lot of noise and distraction.

Utilising Step Two’s digital communication maturity model, we will help you clarify the purpose of the various channels, matching them to the types of communication and the target audience groups.

From our library: what’s the digital maturity of your internal communications; find the handover line from internal comms to collaboration

Step Two recently developed a new information architecture as part of our major intranet refresh. They engaged heavily with our staff in order to understand our needs.  Their professional advice and recommendations were excellent, and the project was delivered on time, and on budget. We are very satisfied with the project outcomes and the service received from Step Two.

Andrew Beer, Assistant Director Communications, Murray-Darling Basin Authority