Intranet Roadmap (2nd edition)


The Intranet Roadmap outlines all the activities needed to design or redesign an intranet. It provides a clear project management methodology and checklist for teams approaching this sometimes daunting task.

The wallchart can be found on the walls of over 1,000 organisations, providing a starting point for intranet redevelopment projects.

Product Description

For the last decade, the Intranet Roadmap has provided a guiding beacon for teams faced with designing or redesigning their intranet.

Now in it’s second edition, the Roadmap continues to provide a clear project management methodology and checklist for teams approaching this sometimes daunting task.

The Intranet Roadmap provides the only truly comprehensive methodology that describes all the activities required to develop (or redevelop) an intranet.

The first edition of the Roadmap hangs on the walls of a thousand organisations. The recently released second edition covers project activities across five key streams:

  • strategy
  • design
  • content
  • change and communications
  • technology

This is a holistic approach to the management of an intranet project, ensuring that all the activities required for a successful launch (or relaunch) are addressed.

The Intranet Roadmap does more than just indicate what activities need to be conducted, it clearly shows the sequence of activities required, and the techniques that will help at every stage of the project.

The Intranet Roadmap is delivered in two forms:

  • full colour A1 wallchart
  • supporting 54 page booklet

The wallchart lists the key activities required in each of the project streams. It also highlights which activities (such as usability testing, affinity diagramming, personas and collaborative design) can be used to support individual activities.

The supporting booklet then provides an overview of every activity and technique listed on the Intranet Roadmap, as well as linking to further resources and information.

QR codes on the wallchart and in the booklet link to purchaser-only resource pages, which provide a gateway into the 300+ articles published by Step Two Designs.

The combination of the wallchart and booklet is invaluable for any team looking to develop or redevelop an intranet, and it assists in both planning and reviewing the approach taken.

Use this best-practice intranet methodology to bring order to the complex and inter-related aspects that make up an intranet project.

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  1. Jeanette Bourke

    The Intranet Roadmap was our Lonely Planet guide to a part of the world we had just started to explore and its flexibility enabled us to explain our approach to stakeholders who had never done anything like this before. The five streams (Strategy, Design, Content, Change and Communications and Technology) helped us manage linkages and communicate priorities with IT, marketing and business colleagues.Throughout the project we displayed the Roadmap prominently in the project office, ticking tasks off and demonstrating to people how we were tracking. It was a powerful visual tool and part of our communication strategy. It helped keep us honest and to deliver on time against our plan. Even though we have now successfully launched the site, we revisit the roadmap to make sure our plans for the future are on track and that the business truly gains value from the intranet.

  2. Bob Doyle

    James Robertson wants to arm intranet teams with the proven techniques needed for building intranets. His Intranet Roadmap identifies the core activities that generate key designs and deliverables. A wall chart with five vertical timelines James calls “streams” of concurrent activities, the Roadmap provides an excellent starting template if you use project planning software. An accompanying booklet describes all the activities and their supporting techniques, with further online references to learn about each one.

  3. Scott Abel

    The folks at Step Two Designs have released an excellent resource for those involved in the planning, creation, maintenance, and implementation of corporate intranets. It’s called the Intranet Roadmap and includes a brief, quick-read 54-page guide to developing an intranet strategy, designing a framework, developing content, managing change, evaluating technology and tools, and selecting techniques that will address your organizational issues. It’s one of the best resources available for intranet professionals to date!While the topics included in the guide are quite impressive, the four-color wall chart brings everything together, helping make sense of the key activities that should be completed during each phase of an intranet project. It also makes clear, through its excellent design, how each phase and its activities relate to one another.

  4. Michelle Manafy

    Many so called how-to guides are written by theoreticians, not practitioners. James Robertson and the Step Two Designs team

  5. Neil Douglas

    Just as you wouldn’t attempt to drive to Burke without a roadmap, you shouldn’t attempt to build, review or modify your intranet without first looking at the Intranet Roadmap and included booklet. It’s full of no nonsense practical advice that’s easy to read and guarantees you won’t miss a thing.

  6. Gerry Mcgovern

    Step Two Designs take a common sense, practical approach to intranet design. Over the years, I have certainly found their ideas enlightening. The Intranet Roadmap will help you think about your intranet strategy in a logical and comprehensive manner.

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