Essential intranets: inspiring sites that deliver business value


This book demonstrates the power and value of intranets, providing inspiration and insights for all teams, whether new or experienced.

In 280 sharply written pages, this book explores what intranets can do, providing screenshots from great intranets around the globe.

Written by the undisputed global expert on intranets, this is a must-have book for all teams. It also sits alongside James’ previous book Designing intranets, which together create an invaluable library for successful teams.

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Product Description

Intranets have been undergoing huge changes in recent years, but the challenge remains to deliver the greatest business benefits. That’s what makes this new intranet book so important.

This book from James Robertson answers the key question for all teams: what should the intranet do? In 280 full-colour pages, this book outlines what modern intranets can (and should) do.

A timeless classic, it provides definitive advice and over 150 screenshots, it builds a common vision that crosses business and technology lines.

The book is structured according to business objectives, starting from the fundamentals and then working through to leading-edge thinking.

Each double-page spread contains a page of advice on the left, and a matching screenshot on the right. This allows teams to dip into the book as needed, or to read through it in detail to inform planning and strategic thinking. Every team, whether new or experienced, will find inspiration and insight in this book.

Topics covered

The fundamentals for all intranets:

  • Provide an enterprise front door
  • Provide trusted information
  • Deliver internal communication
  • Foster staff engagement
  • Foster collaboration
  • Promote the organisation’s culture

Leading edge thinking that delivers business value:

  • Enhance knowledge management
  • Streamline business processes
  • Improve customer service
  • Mitigate business risks
  • Provide ‘anywhere’ productivity

How to use this book

  • Explore what’s possible, across a wide spectrum of intranet ideas and approaches.
  • Demonstrate the power of intranets to stakeholders, by showing how much further they can go than basic functionality.
  • Propel intranet strategy and planning, towards outcomes that directly meet business and staff needs.
  • Align intranets with business objectives, from early planning through to project delivery.
  • Build a common vision and language for intranets, to further encourage ongoing enhancements and innovation.
  • Foster a greater understanding of intranets, particularly amongst business leaders and stakeholders.
  • Increase the speed of intranet innovation, by surfacing the great solutions that have already been done.

Bonus readers-only material

Purchasers of the book also get exclusive access to a ‘readers-only’ section of the website. This provides further links to key articles and resources, as well as further details on the facts and figures used in the book.

Build your intranet library

This book combines with our earlier book  Designing intranets. Together, they provide an invaluable intranet library for all teams. Buy them in a bundle and save!

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Our best-selling books Essential intranetsDesigning intranets and What every intranet team should know have been read by teams around the globe. They give invaluable guidance for intranet projects, whether planning a brand-new intranet, or revamping an existing site.

Like all Step Two publications, they are:

  • targeted to the real-world needs of teams
  • clear, concise and well-structured
  • product and vendor agnostic
  • up to date, with full-colour screenshots throughout

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