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Step Two completed a review of our existing intranet in September 2018. At the time we were transitioning from a very old intranet platform to O365/SharePoint Online. While there was work underway to migrate content we didn’t have a fully formed intranet vision, governance, or resource management process. We needed a more detailed development roadmap to guide and focus our activities.

Step Two were able to review all aspects of the current intranet and spoke to a range of key stakeholders from the business. They were able to quickly identify our pain points and highlight areas where there was scope for improvement. All the recommendations aligned with both intranet best practice and the business requirements identified by key stakeholders and current intranet administrators.

Step Two’s assessment pin-pointed what was working well now, general areas for improvement, and key opportunities for us to focus on for the next 12 months. Their approach was proactive and pragmatic offering practical suggestions that were realistic and achievable. They also took the time to go through the review in great detail to provide context and explanation for each aspect of the audit, ensuring that our intranet team were fully briefed on each recommendation.

I would highly recommend the Annual Intranet Review to other organisations as a way to help build a more strategic and focused foundation for an Intranet that meets the requirements of their business.

Justine Cormack, Group Information Services Manager, Beca


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