Joining up to the Step Two Forum is easy. Membership can be started at any point, and runs for a full year, including three half-day workshops and a one day techniques intensive.

1. Choose your membership level

The Step Two Forum provides a number of membership levels to match the size of the organisation, the number of intranet team members, and budgets.

Choose the level that best fits your situation, and have complete flexibility on upgrading at any time.

Benefit Cost
  • Annual membership with one “seat” at the table
  • Seat is for a nominated member of the organisation and is transferable
  • Attendance at all workshops, plus full membership benefits
  • Knowledge can be shared internally with whole team
Team (3)
  • Annual membership with three seats at the table
  • Workshops for up to three people
  • One primary contact within the team
  • Allows extended team (eg IT, comms) to participate
  • Full membership benefits, shared with organisation
Team (5)
  • As above, but with five seats at the table
  • Allows larger organisations to involve all team members
  • Provides growth option for current members
Team (8)
  • As above, but with eight seats at the table
  • Attractive for large organisations with multiple intranet teams
  • Brings together all intranet participants

All figures are quoted exclusive of GST.

2. Fill in a membership form

3. Put the first workshop date in your diary!

Once we receive your paperwork, we’ll then be in touch to finalise membership details. Most importantly, we’ll give you the date for the next workshop in your city. Then you’ll be off and running!

More information

If you have any questions, or require additional information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our forum manager:

Catherine Grenfell Phone: (02) 9319 7901 Email: [email protected]