Putting information to work: the five purposes of modern intranets (free)


Read this free whitepaper and explore the five purposes of modern intranets. Be inspired, and  spark conversations about your intranet’s future.

Product Description

Businesses, and organisations of all types, have changed. It is now clear that old ways of working are steadily being supplemented – and replaced – by new practices and processes. This is as true for organisations in the US or UK as for those in China, India or Indonesia. These shifts are putting new pressures on organisations to perform, but are also providing opportunities for leaders to thrive and prosper.

Technology is also not what it used to be. Leading organisations are now shifting their view of technology from a cost centre, to a core element of business strategy. This is being driven by shifts in technology platforms, as well as in the growth of in-house technology capabilities.

Against the backdrop of major business and technology changes, leading intranets are shifting from taken-for-granted repositories for corporate content to ‘enterprise front doors’ that are true starting points for day-to-day work.

This is redefining what an intranet is, and the true scope of a modern intranet is now much more than just a repository for corporate content and a channel for internal news. Read this free whitepaper on the five purposes of modern intranets, and share it widely within your organisation.

Use this report

  • Explore the possibilities that modern intranets offer to organisations.
  • Share the insights with intranet stakeholders throughout your organisation.
  • Use as the basis for conversations, sparking further ideas and innovation.
  • Engage with senior leaders, empowered by the ideas and real-world examples in this report
  • Use the five purposes model as the basis for intranet vision, strategy and planning.
  • Transform what people think about intranets, by showing that modern sites deliver real business value.