2017 Intranet and Digital Workplace Showcase


Screenshots and insights that inspire and inform

This is the must-have annual report for all intranet and digital workplace teams. Gain inspiration and practical ideas from the winners of the 2017 Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards.

Featuring 18 case studies and hundreds of screenshots, this report will help to build support with senior management, guide your team’s intranet planning, and inspire you to take your intranet to the next level.

New to the awards? For just a little more, obtain the Intranet and digital workplace bundle of all eleven years of winners.


The must-have annual report for all intranet and digital workplace teams. Featuring 18 case studies and hundreds of screenshots, this report shows how to deliver real business value and solutions that work.

About the awards

The Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards are global awards that recognise outstanding contributions to the fields of intranets and digital workplaces. The awards uncover remarkable solutions that deliver business value, and then share them with the wider community. We also shine a light on the talented teams behind this work, and the agencies that have supported them.

This year’s winners

Platinum Award:

  • ANZ (Australia): A brilliantly-executed roll-out of an enterprise social network for a global bank with excellent levels of adoption achieved and business value delivered – a classic textbook example of good practice followed.

Gold winners:

  • COWI  (Denmark): A mobile app for engineers out in the field to record notes, photos and drawings with automation to deliver a Word report into a related SharePoint project site.
  • MITRE Corporation (USA): Delivery of a data analytics and visualisation service aligned to a knowledge management strategy, improving decision-making right across the organisation.
  • Port Otago (New Zealand): Deployment of an intranet-based app at a port services company, transforming the process of washing and repairing shipping containers and improving customer service.
  • Scottish Government (UK): An excellent example of a public sector intranet moving towards a digital workplace with a number of homepage apps.
  • UNICEF PFP (Switzerland):  A total rethink of the intranet from scratch with innovative features and approaches, resulting in a truly user-centred intranet.
  • University of Westminster Students Union (UK): A lovely small company intranet, based on WordPress, all designed, developed and managed by one person.
  • Virgin Trains (UK):  A highly innovative mobile-first digital workplace for frontline workers consisting of a number of mobile apps delivering both engagement and efficiency.
  • Visa (USA):  A new global intranet delivering a beautiful user experience with recrafted content which is highly visual, mobile-friendly, task-focused, and easy-to-find.

Silver winners:

  • Australian Dept of Human Services (Australia): A modest but inspired innovation which automatically checks for formatting errors on draft intranet pages.
  • Avon and Somerset Constabulary (UK): A new intranet for a UK-based police force improving processes for call handlers, those changing shifts and police on the beat.
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Australia): Innovative development of a global intranet with fresh thinking and approaches to the RFP process, organisation of content and more.
  • Mando Agency (UK):  A highly inventive combination of a chatbot, gamification and a fridge full of drinks to ensure agency staff complete their timesheets.
  • PANDORA (Denmark): Exciting roll-out of a global intranet with a highly engaging and energetic launch process.
  • Queensland Treasury (Australia): Imaginative use of the intranet to launch an innovative new branded IT support service to enable a move to new premises.
  • Scottish Natural Heritage (UK): A Drupal-based intranet moving towards a digital workplace with an integrated Kanban board.
  • Shire  (USA): A large global intranet launch  with firm governance established including very good use of site templates to keep costs down.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific (USA):  Another strong global intranet roll-out with great Yammer integration and impressive adoption levels.

Obtain the insights

With winners across four categories, there are valuable ideas for every intranet and digital workplace team.

The 270-page Intranet and Digital Workplace Showcase report shares the full results of the awards, including screenshots and details of the winning entries.

Using the report

The purpose of the showcase report is to help you deliver a great intranet or digital workplace. It’s designed to be easy to dip into, to grab a screenshot or insight when needed. The report can be used in many different ways:

  • See what others have done, by browsing the huge number of screenshots screenshots and extensive case studies.
  • Get inspiration for your project, uncovering new ideas or approaches that will increase the impact of your solution.
  • Strengthen a business case, by showing senior management what other organisations have already delivered, and what benefits they’ve gained.
  • Benchmark your current state, against innovative examples across a wide range of functionality.
  • Accelerate your redesign, by drawing on emerging best practices from leading intranets.
  • Use as a conversation starter, providing a starting point for discussions amongst all intranet stakeholders, including communications and IT.
  • Avoid pitfalls and problems, by drawing on the lessons learned (and shared) by successful  projects.
  • Move the intranet towards a digital workplace, by exploring the expanding horizon of what great sites can do.
  • Plan the next steps for the intranet, and keep your site up-to-date with the leading edge of developments.
  • Rebuild enthusiasm for the intranet, within the team and the whole organisation, via these inspirational examples.

Whether you’re in the middle of a major  redesign, or planning incremental improvements, the showcase report is a must-have for all teams.

Enter next year’s awards

Next year’s Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards will open for entries in April. As can be seen from this year’s winners, a diverse range of ideas from all types of organisations can win.

Visit the Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards page to pre-register your name, and we’ll notify you when the awards open for submissions.

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