6×2 methodology for intranets


The 6×2 methodology provides a unique and innovative approach to growing corporate intranets.

The “wish-list” of improvements for any intranet project is always very long! This methodology provides a practical way of choosing the activities that will have the greatest impact on the organisation, and on the team.

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The 6×2 methodology provides a unique and innovative approach to growing corporate intranets.

Recognising that the list of potential improvements always exceeds the resources of the intranet team, this methodology provides a practical way of choosing the activities that will have the greatest impact on the organisation, and on the team.

Intranets must succeed. The organisational need to improve business processes, share knowledge and support staff in their daily work is constantly growing. Most organisations have already realised that they cannot operate without an intranet (whatever it might be called).

Yet the real challenge is for intranet teams to gain the support and resources to meet these business needs and demands. The net result is that intranet teams often work hard from month to month, but may make little apparent progress on the longer-term objectives for the site.

The 6×2 methodology works within these constraints to provide a practical approach for intranet planning that simultaneously delivers additional intranet functionality while building support for the intranet team. (See the Methodology at a glance tab above.)

At the heart of the 6×2 methodology is a focus on the coming six months. More than just steadily working on longer-term activities, this approach asks: what can be delivered in the next six months? In answering this question, it also identifies those activities that are not just doable, but also worth doing.

The possible activities are then sketched out for the following six months (thus the ‘6×2’ name), giving the intranet team a roadmap for the coming year.

This is a cyclic process, with each six month period of activity leading into the next. Underlying this is the steady building of momentum for the intranet, giving an ‘upwards spiral’ that allows more to be done in each six months period.

In this way, the intranet team can steadily work on ever-larger needs and issues, even when the starting point is extremely constrained. There is no longer a need to wait for the ‘right conditions’ to arise, instead the intranet team can act constructively and proactively to build an increasingly effective intranet.

This methodology provides a simple and pragmatic approach that can be used by intranet teams of any size (from one person to a dozen or more). It is equally applicable in private and public organisations, and the more complex and difficult the intranet, the better the approach works.

The 95 page 6×2 methodology for intranets contains:

  • unique methodology for intranet planning
  • underlying principles and philosophies
  • step-by-step instructions on using the methodology
  • detailed examples and guidelines
  • case studies of the methodology in practice

Use this report to discover a new way of building a successful intranet (and a happy intranet team).

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  1. Tony Byrne

    Managing an intranet seems inherently an overwhelming task. First, there’s the word, intranet. It sounds important, huge, nebulous, and boundless at the same time. In most enterprises, the opportunities for internal information sharing, collaboration, and process improvements are, well, limitless…but also very difficult to pull off.That’s why I very much like Step Two Designs’ guide, 6×2 methodology for intranets. It’s a practical approach to agile intranet development that emphasizes six-month chunks in the context of a longer plan. I especially liked the part about how to create a 1-page ‘intranet concept’, to replace lists of unreachable goals and supplant vague, windy strategy documents. For about the cost of one developer-hour, this guide is well worth it.

  2. Lukas Karrer

    Lack of senior management attention, and being swamped with daily business, are the biggest challenges for intranet managers throughout the world. Step Two’s 6×2 methodology gives intranet managers a powerful tool to breach these barriers by continually improving the intranet with tangible, visible results, and thus creating value for the enterprise. Riding on this powerful upwards spiral, intranet teams ready themselves for the next level of corporate intranet success.

  3. Toby Ward

    From the best intranet firm of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere is a new methodology on enhancing an existing intranet. The 6×2 methodology from Step Two Designs is a highly, pragmatic, activity focused process for improving the intranet in 6-month chunks. Simple to digest and understand, this methodology is a particularly solid do-it-yourself approach for small and medium-size organizations.

  4. Martin White

    Intranet teams are constantly confronted with many business needs and yet never seem to have insufficient resources and support to solve them. With little recognition of the value of the intranet, it is often very difficult to gain the required resources, and maintain the energy levels and enthusiasm of the intranet team. How can intranets be developed under these circumstances?James Robertson, the MD of Step Two Designs has developed a very pragmatic approach to the resolution of these problems. His new report, entitled ‘6×2 methodology for intranets’ works round a six month planning cycle, with a focus on what can be achieved in the next six months, and what might lie ahead for the following six months. The methodology is based on a ten-step process, of which only the final two steps are about implementation. There is a strong message here that good planning and preparation are essential if tangible and visible results are to be achieved. The key messages are about setting realistic objectives and then delivering on them.As with all Step Two Designs reports there is the strong feeling of a synthesis of experience from a wide range of client projects. The clarity of writing and the design of the 104pp report ensure that it could be used within hours of downloading it. Before very long the 6×2 methodology will be the intranet equivalent of the Balanced Scorecard. Simple but very powerful. I strongly recommend that you purchase a copy. The price is a small price to pay for transforming your organisation. If you still have to make a business case to spend the money divide the price by the number of employees, each of whom will see a significant improvement to the intranet within six months.

  5. Shiv Singh

    James has done it again! The 6×2 methodology works because it is practical, time sensitive and results driven. Breaking an intranet’s development into six month time periods and focusing on tangible and visible improvements is probably the best way to meet both the business’ continously changing requirements and end user needs. The prioritization that this exercise forces will result in solutions that are always in touch with the rest of the organization.

  6. Adriaan M. Bloem

    The 6×2 methodology for intranets is exactly what you need not only to get started on an intranet project, but most importantly, to see it through succesfully. It offers invaluable advice and tips, and throughout the report the pragmaticism James is renowned for will keep your feet on the ground and your project on track.

  7. Jane McConnell

    The 6×2 methodology is designed to help teams get out of the ‘intranet quagmire’ and move intranets up to a new level of usefulness and visibility so that they become valuable tools that organisations cannot live without.Because intranets are intimately tied to the organisation’s way of working, politics and challenges in both good times and hard times, it is very easy for an intranet team to get bogged down and feel discouraged at different moments in the intranet life cycle.The Step Two Designs 6×2 methodology is easy to learn, and feels very ‘natural’ when you put it into place. It does however force you to re-think some concepts you may have taken for granted without questioning. It helps you ask the right questions.As an experienced intranet consultant within very large and complex organisations, I have found myself introducing the basic philosophy of the 6×2 methodology into some client projects ever since I read the report.

  8. Andrew Mitchell

    I believe the 6×2 Methodology for intranets has the power to transform the working lives of any intranet team struggling with the classic feeling of ‘so much to do, so little time’. Its a really practical approach that provides clarity for both intranet teams and stakeholders. Its a repeatable way to deliver real value within constraints and within a fixed time period and, as they say, success builds success. At UrbisJHD we’ll be applying this methodology to both our whole intranet and to our intranet-enabled GIS system.

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