Designing intranets: creating sites that work


The definitive textbook for intranet teams on how to design intranets that work for staff.

In 275 pages, this book walks through a practical user-centred approach to the design process, richly illustrating each step with full-colour screenshots from organisations across the globe.

This book sits alongside James’ other book Essential intranets, which together create an invaluable library for successful teams.

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Product Description

Almost every medium-to-large organisation has an intranet, yet many staff complain that they can’t find what they need to do their jobs. Designing a successful intranet has been a black art to date, with limited opportunities to see other intranets or to share practical approaches. This has made it hard for intranet and project teams to be confident that they are producing the best possible site.

Thankfully there is now a definitive textbook for teams starting into a design or redesign project. In 275 pages, full-colour throughout, this book provides a practical step-by-step methodology for project teams. Key techniques are outlined that work for intranets of every size, all designed to ensure that the new site meets staff needs.

Drawing on more than 10 years industry experience, and written by the leaders in intranet thinking, the strategies and techniques outlined have been tested in many different situations. The many screenshots and examples provide further insight into successful intranet designs.

Following a best-practice ‘user-centred’ approach, this book covers key topics such as:

  • common design mistakes
  • understanding staff needs
  • defining the intranet brand
  • determining what to deliver
  • creating new site structure and page layouts
  • practical testing techniques, including card sorting and tree testing
  • designing the intranet homepage
  • personalisation and targeting
  • accelerated approaches

Richly illustrated throughout with screenshots from a wide range of intranets, this book provides teams with both inspiration and practical answers. Written by James Robertson, the most prolific author in the world on intranet topics, this book is a must-have for all intranet and project teams.

Build your intranet library

This book combines with our other book  Essential intranets. Together, they provide an invaluable intranet library for all teams.

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Our best-selling books Essential intranetsDesigning intranets and What every intranet team should know have been read by teams around the globe. They give invaluable guidance for intranet projects, whether planning a brand-new intranet, or revamping an existing site.

Like all Step Two publications, they are:

  • targeted to the real-world needs of teams
  • clear, concise and well-structured
  • product and vendor agnostic
  • up to date, with full-colour screenshots throughout

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