Image from Shutterstock. In the last year or so, we’ve been doing a lot of work with global organisations who are redesigning their corporate intranets. This includes a global agribusiness …

Information management strategy consists of projects, not policies

By: James Robertson Posted: December 18, 2014

Avoid the trap of seeing an information management strategy merely as a set of policies.

Five intranet enablers

By: Steve Byrne Posted: July 29, 2014

Is your organisation positioned to deliver and sustain a great intranet?

Collaboration isn’t free

By: James Robertson Posted: February 27, 2014

Enterprise collaboration needs to be deployed seriously to succeed, and not treated as a zero-cost option.

Five hats for global intranet teams

By: James Robertson Posted: October 23, 2013

Global intranet teams can (and must) play a mix of roles within large and complex organisations.

What’s the ideal size of an intranet team?

By: Catherine Grenfell Posted: May 28, 2013

Delivering an effective intranet requires a sufficiently large team, and support from the business

Content migration: start as you plan to continue

By: James Robertson Posted: April 26, 2013

When migrating to a new intranet, it’s important to establish the right authoring practices from the outset.

Intranet folk have many different titles

By: James Robertson Posted: March 11, 2013

I’ve just closed the application process to join the Advisory Panel for my upcoming book. I’m now working through the list, whittling 50+ entries down to the chosen 30. More …

A model for author training

By: James Robertson Posted: December 13, 2012

As budgets get tighter, organisations are looking for more efficient ways to train their staff. Intranets teams and authors are no exception. While many will jump to the online training …

Accessibility for intranets

By: Catherine Grenfell Posted: December 13, 2012

This article outlines three tiers of activities that can make an intranet accessible for those with disabilities.