1. When I work with clients to develop information management strategies I try to avoid at all costs strategies that result in policies. But in my view that does not mean that there is no room for IM policies. I see these as coming before the strategy to make sure that there is an appropriate degree of consistency across an organisation to facilitate (in particular) information discovery and information sharing.

    For example there should be a policy that issues related to information scarcity and information overload are an element of a performance review. Content quality policies are another example, as is using an unambiguous date format (dd/mmm/yy)even (especially!) in the USA.

    I do have one reservation on the use of the term ‘projects’. A project implies a defined outcome after a defined period of time. IM should be at least a programme of projects but ideally should be ‘business as usual’ with resources allocated long term. Managing course information? Fine, but what lessons can be learned that might require a change in policy and is there sufficient resource in each department to maintain the course directory once initially established.

    • James Robertson


      There will of course need to be some policies, but as you say, they should be the by-product of other work, not the first order of business.

      Business as usual is also vitally important, including having appropriate resources, responsibilities, reporting, etc. For our clients, however, the starting point is to … start. Once some momentum is happening, the foundational elements can then be looked at :-)

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Published December 18, 2014

James Robertson
James Robertson is the Managing Director of Step Two, the global thought leaders on intranets, headquartered in Sydney, Australia. James is the author of the best-selling books Essential intranets, Designing intranets and What every intranet team should know. He has keynoted conferences around the globe. (Follow him on Twitter)

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