1. james

    I love these tips too. As project lead for an intranet team, I think am gonna incorporate them as part of our performance metrics, and overall progress tracking. Great job, keep up the good work!!

  2. Catherine GrenfellCatherine Grenfell

    Hi James, Thanks for your nice comment, glad you liked the article. I would be interested once you have adopted some metrics and used them for a period of time to chat about how it worked for you.

  3. james

    No problem, Catherine. My boss is very impressed with my work thus far but most of the credit goes to you and james, and others on here for putting together an invaluable source of information as far as intranets are concerned. I don’t look anywhere else for help.

    I sure will keep you posted as things go :-)

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Published March 30, 2010

Catherine Grenfell
Catherine Grenfell is the manager and full-time facilitator of our Intranet Leadership Forum. She is also a senior member of the consulting team, with a particular focus on mentoring and supporting intranet teams.