1. Thanks, this article is very useful. As with many things intranet, it is hard to know how comparable organisations operate their intranets, so this shines some light on an important area.

  2. An excellent article. Thank you. My sole contribution is to consider what you would do if the intranet manager left, or was not available for an extended (and perhaps unpredictable) period of time. Even if there is only one ‘full time’ manager there should always be someone with the skills to step up to the #1 slot, even if it is just for a period of time before someone else is appointed.

    One element of this is holiday cover. This is not so much of an issue in the USA where 3 weeks is a typical vacation allocation, but in Germany people may have 6 or 7 weeks and yet the intranet still needs TLC every day.

  3. Catherine GrenfellCatherine Grenfell

    Martin, thanks for your insight, thats a very valuable point. I agree someone else needs to be able to step up, could be a good opportunity for someone to expand their skills.

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Published May 28, 2013

Catherine Grenfell
Catherine Grenfell is the manager and full-time facilitator of our Intranet Leadership Forum. She is also a senior member of the consulting team, with a particular focus on mentoring and supporting intranet teams.