Intranet Innovation Awards

The Intranet Innovation Awards are global awards that celebrate new ideas and innovative approaches to the enhancement and delivery of intranets. The goal is to find these remarkable solutions, and to share them with the wider community.

Uniquely, these awards recognise individual intranet improvements, and not intranets as a whole. By increasing the pace of innovation across the whole of the intranet community. Every idea, no matter how small, adds to our understanding of what it means to have a successful intranet.

The winners of the 2014 Awards have been announced!

The winners of this year’s Awards have been revealed.

This year winners come from USA, UK, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Singapore, India and Australia. Obtain a copy of the Intranet Innovations report to find out more.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Annual reports

The Intranet Innovations reports provide an annual showcase of the present and future of intranets. Packed with screenshots and insights, they are a must-have for all intranet teams. With dozens of ideas both large and small, every team will find something that will excite management or guide immediate design decisions.

Intranet Innovations 2014Intranet Innovations 2014 annual report

The must-have annual report for all intranet teams. Sharing details on this year’s winners of the global Intranet Innovation Awards, it gives insight into the leading edge of intranets. Use the report to build support with senior management, and to guide planning for the intranet team’s next steps. Read more

Intranet Innovations bundleIntranet Innovations bundle

A package containing all eight Intranet Innovations reports (2007-2014), providing a remarkable resource for intranet teams. The package comprises over 1,000 pages, including 63 winners and 46 commended entries. Winners come from across the globe, and cover a huge range of ideas and approaches. Read more

“We had never before submitted an entry for an Intranet Innovation Award, so we were quite surprised and humbled by the award we won in 2009 for our AEP Now Ideas system, a twist on an online suggestion box that identified over $8 million in cost savings over two months of use.

“Since the award was announced, we’ve received praise and even modest financial rewards from our company leadership. Just recently, our chief executive officer interrupted a big meeting to congratulate us for the award and to thank us for our work.

“I encourage you to submit your intranet innovation, and I look forward to reading about it.”

William Amurgis, Manager, Internal Communications, AEP (USA)

More about the Awards

The Intranet Innovation Awards are run yearly, and are backed up by a panel global judges, as well as a solid scoring methodology. Find out more:

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“Winning the Gold Innovation award 2011 for our Alcatel-Lucent Video sharing platform was the cherry on the cake and came at the perfect time for the Bell Labs Team who initiated this project in 2009.

“For the team it was the achievement of a major milestone which started as a  research project, then as an internal venture and then finally transformed into a product within the Alcatel-Lucent portfolio.

“This innovation award is helping the team to highlight this great story internally and externally in front of Alcatel-Lucent customers.”

Jerome Colombe, Head of Web Governance, Alcatel-Lucent (France)