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Accolade: Improving customer service with the intranet

Social housing office Accolade has used its new social intranet to drive efficiency and improve services to its customers. ‘Pluk’ supports frontline employees in dealing with customer queries, reducing time and increasing accuracy.

With extensive integration with the main customer contact (CRM) software employees can view customer information, Knowledge Base items and more. Difficult queries are assigned to other teams and individuals, and resolved using a mix of social tools and task management capability. The social intranet also drives general awareness and knowledge- sharing throughout the organisation.

Why this won

  • This is a truly essential intranet in supporting staff to do their work, and an example of the intranet as an indispensable channel.
  • There is a strong alignment to the overall strategic objectives of the company, in terms of improving customer service, enabling the front office operations and driving organisational values such as transparency.
  • The combination of social tools and task management is inspiratinoal, and it’s put to highly effective use.
  • The integration work between systems is strong, and driven by holistic thinking, and best practice design approaches.
  • The intranet has some nice touches such as the ability to comment within the widget that reports on overall performance.

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