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Mando Agency: Changing user behaviour through fun

In order to ensure timesheets are completed on time, digital agency Mando has introduced the ‘timesheet fridge’. Every Friday at 4pm if everybody in the company has submitted timesheets, the fridge automatically opens for end-of-week drinks.

To further engage staff, the team have added a chatbot which can be interrogated to find out who hasn’t completed their timesheet yet. As well as 100 per cent timesheet collection, the innovation is helping to develop the agency’s knowledge of chatbot and related technology.

Why this won a Silver award

  • This is a highly imaginative and fun solution which has solved a real business problem – there has now been 100 per cent timesheet completion for a number of years and only one week has been missed.
  • Although it might be a novelty, the chatbot is also helping the team to understand this technology and actually develop services for clients, as well as other internal chatbots.
  • The fridge has got the agency publicity and clients even request meetings on Friday afternoons to watch the fridge open!
  • The refinements to the bot, including a crash course in sarcasm, are well executed.

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