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M. Video-Eldorado Group: Unifying the company with a mobile intranet

Russian retailer M.Video-Eldorado Group has created a new intranet to help the company come together after a recent merger. The has built a custom, mobile-first intranet following an agile methodology.

The intranet can be accessed by all staff on their own mobile devices. Key features include a task management module to enable communication between headquarters and stores, a KPI portal where all staff can directly access real-time sales data for the first time, a range of HR and business integrations to enable the completion of simple tasks, a chatbot answering HR, finance and legal questions, and core intranet functionality around news and blogs. The intranet is already helping to drive efficiencies, and also contributing to the development of one company culture in the newly merged group.

Why this won a Silver award

  • The delivery of the intranet has been rapid and ambitious, showing strong execution and following a very robust project methodology.
  • Successfully delivering a mobile intranet at this scale, that attempts to bring two organisational cultures together after a a merger, is a feat in itself.
  • Making the data dashboards open to all staff on their mobiles is an excellent way to help drive transparency.
  • The task management system is very well executed and driving efficiencies; we love how it has already been used for other purposes.
  • We like the chatbot approach which is combined with live chat and where answers feed into the knowledge base.
  • There are some nice feature throughout, such as the real time feedback tool and its suggestions for courses and ebooks based on the feedback received.

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