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Lakewood High School: Creating the intranet experts of the future

Florida-based Lakewood High School’s Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) Program has been running for many years. Part of the program allows students to design, manage and administer a SharePoint environment which supports a staff and student intranet, learning resources, apps and more.

A redesign and upgrade to SharePoint 2013 of the main staff intranet, LHSnet, has resulted in a number of improvements to content, forms and apps. This has not only increased productivity in the school through improved processes, but given students a unique experience in working with an enterprise-level platform.

Why this won

  • ?The whole premise of the CAT program is highly innovative, giving students real world experience of SharePoint and intranet design and management.
  • This is one of the most extensive uses in the world of SharePoint or a similar platform in a high school setting.
  • The design work is very well executed, with an emphasis on delivering a good user experience through intuitive and simple interfaces.
  • There is a strong use of mobile devices, appealing to a student audience, and also allowing parents access to resources.
  • There is a very healthy ethos of improving processes and saving time for both staff and students, using forms, workflow, the auto-population of fields and more.
  • All the work is carried out by students, encouraging and nurturing some exceptional talent.

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