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Novozymes: Driving governance in the digital workplace

Novozymes has implemented SharePoint governance through a new framework which has been adapted from work produced by SharePointPeople. The framework establishes a series of managed elements (applications, processes, platform services) and business drivers, each of which has an owner, documented policies and mapped dependencies. Controls are carried out and reported on a dashboard to ensure compliance.

There are a number of well-defined roles and a governance board. The system has already been extended to other areas of IT and involves people across the entire business.

Why this won a Silver award

  • This is an ambitious and detailed governance framework for SharePoint which can be adapted for many parts of the digital workplace.
  • There’s a strong practical emphasis on involving experts from across the organisation, not just those in IT.
  • The framework is extremely difficult to pull off and clearly required tenacity to implement.
  • The governance dashboard is very unusual but matches the ambition to have ongoing compliance to the framework.
  • While impact is hard to ascertain, the fact that it has been adopted by IT for all systems and is being extended is an indicator that it is working well.

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