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UNICEF PFP: Rethinking an intranet from scratch

UNICEF’s PFP division has created a brand new SharePoint 2013 intranet. After extensive user research and a long development period, the new intranet is delivering value by meeting the needs of users with a new information architecture, improved search, and better organisation of content and a range of other features.

Other key features include a shopping cart to download documents, integration with UNICEF’s brand asset collection and an information panel about each piece of content.

Why this won a Gold award

  • This is a very well executed project with robust user research, requiring some tenacity over a long period.
  • There are some strong features including the shopping cart and the content information panel designed to give confidence to users and drive accountability among content owners.
  • We loved the innovative Lego workshops and story-telling techniques employed to engage users and collect valuable feedback.
  • The new intranet is having a positive impact with greater number of visitors, contributors and growing interest from around the world.
  • We like how user feedback has increased and is resulting in tangible improvements.

Full case study

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