Alison Lalieu

UBalancer Solutions

Inspiration session: Leading with emotional intelligence


The study of emotional intelligence (EQ) isn’t new. What is new is the ground breaking global scientific research measuring and validating the link EQ has to hard science and the role it plays in achieving optimal effectiveness, relationships, health and quality of life.

Emotionally Intelligent leaders foster a safe, trusting workplace climate conducive to high performance; they make more effective decisions, model resilience, lead with optimism, grow better relationships and have more engaged teams. So it’s no surprise that today, the people side of performance (i.e. EQ) has risen to the top of the corporate agenda.

This inspiration session will introduces attendees to ground breaking profiling tools and research from the world’s largest EQ organisation, Six Seconds.

  • Broad introduction to emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Why it matters so much? Which leaders do it really well?
  • Introduce the Six Seconds Model of EQ – explore how it is learnable and measurable
  • Tips & tricks on how leaders can grow their own EQ?


Alison Lalieu is a brain-based Neurocoach, who is deeply passionate about blending emotional intelligence (EQ), conversational intelligence (C-IQ) and life balance concepts into a transformational, life changing coaching experience.

As CEO of UBalancer Solutions, a pioneering coach network in Australasia, Alison leads a team dedicated to supporting leading Organisations and teams around Australia to create trusting cultures of people and performance excellence, with wholehearted leadership, agility, creativity, collaboration and innovation at the core.

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