James Robertson

Step Two

Governance for intranets, digital workplaces and beyond


Managing an intranet or digital workplace can present many problems, from keeping content up to date to multiplying intranet sites. Governance is the solution.

Successful governance relies on everyone’s engagement, resulting in win-win outcomes. When governance puts people at the centre of decisions and processes, it doesn’t just mitigate problems, it provides great solutions for people and the business. Governance is the result of consensus, and James will share how to create an effective and sustainable governance model.

Topics covered:

  • best practice governance for modern intranets
  • product-centric approach to digital workplace governance
  • emerging approaches for DEX governance


James Robertson is the founder and managing director of Step Two. He’s been in the intranet space for over twenty years, and is the author of the books Essential intranets and Designing intranets. Drawing on his work with a wide variety of clients, James has been pivotal in the definition of intranet best practices that are used by teams around the world. In recent years, he’s been the driving force behind the digital employee experience (DEX) movement.

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