Kim Tunbridge


Leading business transformation through digitally engaging employees' hearts and minds.


Hybrid work has changed the world. We’ve never been more connected, 24-7 through so many digital channels, yet we’ve never been so disconnected.

Utilising a range of M365 channels, with a focus on Viva Engage (Yammer), The NRMA have been aligning employees’ hearts and minds to be part of an entire business transformation – focusing on driving an electric future for all Australians. 

Through the use of ‘connective content’ to achieve strategy-aligned behaviours, and leadership ‘digital open doors’, The NRMA’s people and their passion and pride are amplified through the digital employee experience.

And the benefits are incredible:

  • CX focused employees willing to go above and beyond for the customer
  • employee goals aligned to organisational goals
  • teams connected to The NRMA’s future and strategy
  • mentally and emotionally engaged employees
  • collaboration and a breaking down of silos allowing teams to truly work together for the customer
  • employees actively involved in ESG and making a difference in the world everyday via their work


After winning 8th most thriving Yammer community in the world and Asia Pacific Yammer champion of the year last year, Kim is deeply passionate about connecting EX and CX and making The NRMA an incredible place to work where everyone feels they belong and are aligned to ‘help’.


Kim has 22 years’ experience working with organisations to engage their people to deliver strategic priorities and better business results through connective communication, digital employee experience, change management, transformation, and events.

Kim is an authentic, high influence leader who has delivered reductions in employee turnover, led numerous transformational change project communications, improvements in productivity, enhancements in customers experience and increased profits through connective communication.

She is an award winning, high integrity, creative communicator with the ability to influence all levels of the organisation, and work strategically and operationally to deliver powerful communication, change, and improved culture.

Kim believes that anything can be achieved through the power of communication. Her focus on aligning people to organisation goals, by engaging hearts and minds, has delivered incredible results. 

Kim holds a degree in Public Relations and Organisational Communication. She is Prince 2 trained, a DDI facilitator, Psychology coaching qualified, winner of 8th most thriving Yammer community in the world, and Asia Pacific Yammer Community Champion.

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