Tatiana Russinova

Bank of Russia

How to create a new digital environment

Presentation from DEX 2019


Central Bank of Russia (CBR) is all about making the intranet a “front end” of change for all users.

CBR started the intranet project in 2016 when the organisation was going through a massive transformation of corporate culture, process reengineering and reorganisation. The intranet had to become an effective tool of cooperation and communication inside the CBR, as well as a kind of “vitrine” of the transformation process.

How to make it work? Several principles were the basis of a new solution: First, strategic, coherent system development. Second, a сustomer-centric approach. Third, an intranet for bettering the performance of employees and improving cost-effectiveness of the bank.

The session will further cover:

  • how the intranet was prototyped based on current needs and future perspectives
  • the migration of 80+ regional intranets to a single platform
  • helping users think outside of the box, make them trust you and get involved in the intranet growth and development (30k+ unique users monthly, over 300 communities, etc)


Tatiana Russinova joined the Central Bank of Russia team about three years ago and is responsible for executing Internal Communication strategy and developing new tools. During her career she has been involved in the launch of 4 Intranets, including 2 complex migration cases and has seen two projects receive recognition at The Best Intranet Russia Award (bronze in 2013 and gold in 2018). Tatiana has a PhD degree in Linguistics, had an academic internship at Stanford University, USA, specialising in communications. Her professional motto is “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

A snippet of what you will see in this presentation:

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Photographs from DEX 2019



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