James Robertson

Step Two

Why enterprise social matters, and how to have it succeed


2024 will be marked as an uncertain year for enterprise social, with Workplace by Meta bowing out, following a long history of other products no longer in the marketplace. Yet in the work that we’re doing, we’re finding that enterprise social is more important than ever, to address many different needs in our hybrid workplaces.

To help organisations achieve sustainable success, Step Two released the Enterprise Social Framework, structured around purposes and enablers.

This talk will explore:

  • why organisations should be taking enterprise social more seriously
  • the wide range of roles that enterprise social can play
  • what foundational pieces must be put in place
  • examples from Award-winning enterprise social deployments from around the globe


James Robertson is the founder and managing director of Step Two. He’s been in the intranet space for over twenty years, and is the author of the books Essential intranets and Designing intranets. Drawing on his work with a wide variety of clients, James has been pivotal in the definition of intranet best practices that are used by teams around the world. In recent years, he’s been the driving force behind the digital employee experience (DEX) movement.

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