Vikki Hsieh

News Corp Australia

Delivering on intranet goals in times of significant change

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About my talk

 News Corp Australia is a fast paced and quickly changing business offering both printed and online news. They embarked on a two year intranet journey which included amalgamating 33 intranets into one! Beginning with a solid strategy, they then created a plan and knew exactly where they were headed. But then things changed: new stakeholders, new sponsors, new ambitions. How do you quickly change course, continue to maintain momentum without ditching all the hard work of the original strategy?

Vikki will tell you how they managed this at News, covering

  • why a strategy and plan are essential even if you know there will be change ahead
  • how to adapt plans by reevaluating, re-prioritising while remaining focused on the original goals
  • how to continue to deliver value and boost credibility in times of significant change

About me

Vikki has over 18 years in the digital industry, with roles running the gamut of development, project management to UX and collaboration. Currently Vikki is the Collaboration and Intranet Manager at News Corp Australia. From her many years working with UX specialists Vikki is bringing her passion for user experience and design to the internal solutions being created for News employees.

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