Tricia Drew

Massey University (NZ)

The secrets of turning around the rogue intranet project in a large, complex organisation

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About my talk

The challenge of implementing an intranet in a large and complex organisation is familiar to most of us. Having never implemented an intranet, Tricia was handed the intranet project and a team that was in a state of fatigue.

In a short time, this team turned a three-year journey of intranet possibility into a reality.

This session will show you:

  • Tricia’s secret squirrel methods of influencing across the organisation
  • strategies for overcoming the challenges of executive sponsorship and ensuring that a ‘face’ is put to the project
  • how to motivate and keep a team whose members are heading for the door
  • some clever ways to get to know your customers and hook them in
  • the importance of engaging with your customers so that the small project team can still deliver a result.

About me

Tricia Drew is a Project Manager who was handed the baton by Massey University Information Technology Services to bring a 3 year intranet journey to fruition.   Tricia’s is a veteran of infrastructure support in both UK and NZ and now works on IT projects.  She has a Bachelor of Science (Microbiology) and a more than a causal interest in getting things done.

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