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PwC’s journey towards building trust in a digital world

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About my talk

Virtually Engaged?

How can we foster meaningful relationships in a digital world?

In a world where our relationships are increasingly defined by our digital capabilities, what are the risks and what role can we play in building more meaningful relationships with our clients, with each other and with broader communities?

Digital innovations are rapidly changing economies and markets, and reinventing relationships between organisations, clients and the broader community. In the most open, connected, transparent world we have ever seen, personal and long-standing relationships are being replaced by shorter, more transient interactions. Can these digital relationships ever equal face-to-face relationships? Research is increasingly pointing to the ability to build trust as the key to forming meaningful relationships. Clearly this is radically different without face-to-face interactions, but not impossible. In fact, understanding the nature of trust in digital can help us greatly expand our ‘reach’ and help us deal with growing complexity in today’s business environment.

From his research in digital relationships and his experience working in global teams, Simon will discuss how;

  • the new realities of digital have forced businesses to re-think their relationships
  • a better understanding of relationships in digital is needed as these relationships increasingly drive business strategy
  • in an increasingly complex world, the new personal networks enabled by digital have the potential to engage at scale
  • working as virtual teams can greatly expand our ability to collaborate and innovate

About me

Simon Lillis wants to understand how we can use new social and collaborative tools to connect people and expertise. In his previous role in Razorfish New York, Simon worked on digital experiences for clients such as Dow Jones, Condé Nast, Mercedes Benz and Ford Motors.

He now works in PricewaterhouseCoopers (Australia) where he leads the Experience Design of a global collaboration program to help connect PwC’s global network of 163,000 people with their client’s needs. The first phase of that program in Australia has won multiple prestigious global awards for digital strategy and customer experience – including a Gold Award in the 2013 Step Two Intranets Innovations Award.

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