Rishad Sukhia


How colour effects intranet design

Presentation from Intranets2017

About my talk

Getting the interface design right is an essential ingredient on any intranet. However, the online world today provides untold choice and everyone has an opinion on what looks best and thinks they are an expert. Understanding the essentials of great design will build you confidence whether dealing with internal stakeholder requests, managing a visual design implementation or simply making design decisions yourself.

Rishad will provide this grounding, covering:

  • The impact of colour/shade and form for an effective intranet design
  • The do’s and don’t of design for intranets (websites versus intranets)
  • How do I match our brand and make an intranet look good, without being too corporate?

About me

Rishad has extensive experience in the digital media industry, having worked in roles spanning interaction and visual design, human computer interaction, operations, client engagement and digital strategy. As a director at the award-winning creative digital agency Brightlabs, he brings all of this experience together to help clients deliver the best design outcomes for their sites, including intranets and related digital solutions. His previous roles included working at Boeing Aerospace and The University of Queensland.

Photos from Intranets2017

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