Rebecca Rodgers

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The power of painting a picture

Presentation from Intranets2016

About my talk

How many times have you thought there has to be an easier way to convince the exec that your design will work? Or that something is really broken. You’ve  done the research and taken a user centred design approach yet the CEO still wants a massive hero image and search as the sole elements of the homepage. Before you tear your hair out, Rebecca will share her secrets, including:

  • real life stories that have changed whole projects
  • using stories to alter views
  • how to paint a picture of the future that hasn’t happened yet

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About me

Rebecca Rodgers is a principal consultant at Step Two, and she brings an infectious enthusiasm and energy to the intranet space. Drawing on her 15+ years of experience, she has helped many teams to revitalise their intranets. With a large part of her career spent in the corporate world, Rebecca is the most experienced consultant on the Step Two team, and she has worked for a diverse range of clients across many sectors.

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