Oliver Weidlich

Design & Innovation

How people engage with their mobile devices: now and in the future

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About my talk

Mobile is becoming the focal point for customer and staff engagement with organisations, especially regarding time-sensitive and core tasks.

Oliver will talk about how Australians use their mobile phones, and the upcoming trends for mobile services, including looking at how mobile is driving responsive design and the relationship between mobile web and native apps.

About me

Oliver Weidlich, Founder and Director of Design & Innovation at Mobile Experience, has specialised in Mobile User Experience for the last 14 years and consulted to some of Australia’s largest companies and organisations to improve the internal and customer-facing digital services.  He’s worked across a range of channels including; websites, mobile, kiosk, speech interfaces, and in-car systems.  His background in organisational psychology also means he understands the role of people, and the company, in technology implementations.  He is an International Speaker, Judge, Author and Lecturer on User Experience.  He has assisted some of Australia’s largest corporates with UX including; Qantas, Commonwealth Bank, IAG, AMP, Optus & Telstra.

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