Natalie Ryan

Queensland University of Technology

Creating a shared intranet for university staff

Presentation from Intranets2015


About my talk

QUT’s new university-wide intranet builds on the work done by individual sections, and allows staff from its faculties, institutes and divisions to contribute to a shared environment.

The new intranet is built within QUT’s applications portal, QUT Virtual, and incorporates content and applications in a single space. Identity and business rules have been used to target resources to different user groups and to allow a dispersed publishing model where different authors can publish to different audiences within the same space.

Nat’s lively discussion will include:

  • engaging with the university community and using crowd sourcing to gather feedback
  • tips on combining multiple intranets in to one
  • a live demonstration of the new QUT Virtual intranet

About me

Natalie Ryan (@natrye) is an Information Management specialist who has worked on several intranet, collaboration and IM projects within QUT. Natalie has a strong interest in empowering communities of practice and providing a sustainable and holistic intranet environment that incorporates user generated content. 

Natalie has presented at many conferences and forums, including presenting at the Intranets Conference in previous years. She currently works on the QUT Virtual Intranet Project at the Queensland University of Technology.

Photos from Intranets2015



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