Dr David Ireland


Behavioural gamification: building thriving workplaces


In his talk, David will be sharing the unique approach to building thriving workplaces. He will share case studies and insights into why behavioural gamification can be so powerful and how it can offer the potential to transform an organisation’s culture for the long term.

The session will cover:

  • what behavioural gamification is and how it is different to both traditional gamification platforms and behaviour change initiatives
  • how organisations are using it to transform the behaviour of the staff, and the culture along with it
  • why every organisation should consider using behavioural gamification


Dr David Ireland is a founder and director of PentaQuest, a behavioural gamification company helping organisations globally build productive, engaging, and thriving workplaces. David is a behavioural and innovation specialist. David has previously designed and implemented behaviour change programs globally, ranging from public health challenges in Africa, to organisational transformation programs in government, to innovation and collaboration initiatives in the private sector. He has also been a Fulbright Fellow at Stanford University, where he designed several new behaviour change methodologies. David’s expertise in innovation comes from a history of turning ideas into impact and he has founded several successful companies, has run accelerators to help others commercialise their ideas, and he was previously General Manager of Innovation Systems at Australia’s CSIRO.

A snippet of what you will see in this presentation:

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