Vaylee Mckenzie-Daniels

Sydney Water

Search and you will FIND!

Presentation from Intranets2016


Vaylee McKenzie-Daniels – Search and you will find‘ – sketchnotes by Rebecca Jackson CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 on Flickr

About my talk

Users tend to approach internal search as they would any online search. They often get disappointed when the document they are looking for is not listed as the first result. This presentation focuses on how enterprise search works, the implementation at Sydney Water and the key benefits.

Topics covered include:

  • why intranet search generally fails
  • realistic expectations for intranet search
  • delivering the ‘search and you will find’ promise.

About me

Vaylee has worked in the information management arena for 10 years and taken on roles such as Assistant Webmaster, Developer, ECM Consultant and Search Consultant.These roles have exposed her to the entire information management lifecycle; from content creation, IA design, development and implementation, and enterprise search.

Photos from Intranets2016

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