Shaharudin Mohd Ishak

International Enterprise Singapore (Singapore)

Minimising knowledge loss by leveraging the intranet

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About my talk

 Every month, without fail, employees submit resignation letters ending their career with the organisation. Exiting with them is a wealth of knowledge accumulated over the years. Knowledge that will not only benefit their colleagues but most importantly, their successor. Companies spend thousands of dollars training employees, but without any proper system to capture new knowledge gained, these companies continue to lose proprietary knowledge reducing efficiency and productivity.Shaharudin will share his experience in these environments, exploring how organisations adopt practices to stem the loss of knowledge and the role of the intranet in these changes. The session will cover:

  • methods for minimising knowledge loss
  • how intranet design helps to minimise this loss
  • changing mindsets and culture to better leverage the Intranet

About me

Mr Shaharudin Md Ishak is a senior manager in the knowledge management division at International Enterprise (IE) Singapore. He is responsible for various knowledge management initiatives, including the company-wide knowledge audit, knowledge retention program, knowledge sharing and awareness program and the IBF award-winning IEX intranet.

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