Scott Fulton

UK Police (UK)

The Intranet that surprised the doubters, reduced operational demand and wasn’t rubbish

Presentation from DEX 2018


Scott will take attendees on a journey through the rollout of their multi-award-winning collaborative intranet, sharing invaluable lessons. You’ll discover how the team engaged with employees to understand their needs and built the content, navigation and design around those needs. The success of the platform was by no means guaranteed in a fast-moving hierarchical organisation of 7,000 employees with very different needs, many of whom have very little trust in technology. The session will cover:

  • How you can use agile principles for product and content rollout to reduce risk and delight users
  • How to identify and prioritise top tasks for a complex, ever-changing organisation
  • Content governance tips and tricks including the secrets of managing push and pull content
  • How to get out of project-based thinking and into product-based thinking, a key element for ongoing success


Scott Fulton is the Head of Strategic Digital Services with over 18 years experience. His team’s award-winning products serve over 2 million customers annually. He is a big advocate of building services around users needs having embraced agile principles over 5 years ago and has never looked back, often speaking on the subject at events and being active in the community.

Photographs from DEX 2018

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