Rita Zonius

The Enterprise Social Engineer

How to find and build your enterprise social muscles


If you’ve never been to the gym before, you don’t expect miracles to happen to your muscles after just one or two weights sessions. Yet we don’t have the same attitude when it comes to introducing social technologies. Simply turning on an enterprise social network (ESN) is not a recipe for instant success.

The reality is, it’s just the start of the effort to embed social as a natural way of working. Like weight training in the gym, building enterprise social muscle requires a long-term commitment before you’ll see results.

Rita shares her insights to demonstrate what organisations can do to find their enterprise social muscles and deliver real business value through a social way of working.

Learning objectives:

  • recognise the signs people are – or aren’t – ready to try a new and visible way of working with social
  • understand why mobilising people around the real work of the business ignites a different way of working in your organisation
  • see the benefits of being a socially engaged leader, including harnessing social leaders as role models
  • like Madonna, learn how to reinvent the way you work and become a digital leader by making the most of enterprise social networking


Rita is an experienced corporate communications practitioner, social media advisor and executive coach, hell-bent on helping organisations and their leaders be the most open and collaborative they can be. She enjoys getting under the hood in organisations to get new enterprise social initiatives up and running or work out ways to kick-start stalled attempts. Rita is co-host of #ESNchat on Twitter and enjoys writing and talking about all things social. When she’s not helping people find their social muscles, she’s a gym instructor, coaching people to build strength through weight training.

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