Oscar Trimboli

Deep listening - How to have an impact beyond words

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About my talk

The cost of miscommunication in the digital workplace is enormous – rework, mistrust and duplicated efforts. This result in project overruns in time and cost and frustration with the process of moving from what was asked and what is ultimately delivered.

This talk will explore the power of “deep listening”, showing how it can be applied in the workplace:

  • Understand how to listen on a deeper level when you are gathering requirements from your clients and stakeholders.
  • 23% of business professionals are trained in speaking, yet only 2% of business professionals are receive formal training in how to listen.
  • Learn to hear issues that people aren’t mentioning yet are vital to the success of the project in the digital workplace
  • Use the 125/400 rule of listening to have a bigger impact and understand what great listeners do differently.


About me

When others introduce Oscar Trimboli, they say: “Oscar’s like Yoda, he asks powerful and transformational questions that help get to the core of progress”. He is the author of the soon-to-be-released book Deep Listening.

Drawing on his 30-year background in business, Oscar has developed his body of knowledge into a study of clarity and assumptions which helps leaders explore different perspectives for the ecosystems and economies which they are participants. He was been a leader working with organisations including Microsoft, PeopleSoft, Polycom, Professional Advantage, Vodafone. During his time at Microsoft, he was accountable for the 5-year journey to move Microsoft Office from DVDs to the Data Centre and implement their subscription business model.

Oscar is the Head of the Coaching Faculty for The Marketing Academy Australia where he leads 30 executive coaches as they work with Australia’s highest potential marketing leaders. As a result, Oscar is uniquely placed to understand the most current challenges for brands and their customers and what changes in leadership thinking is required to explore and navigate them.

Oscar works with leaders dealing with the ambiguity and complexity of modern change including AstraZeneca, BAE Systems, CBRE, Cisco, Commonwealth Bank, EMC, Energy Australia, Fairfax, Google, IAG, HSBC, MoneySoft, Qantas, Pacific Life Re, Signal, TAL and TripAdvisor.

During the weekends, Oscar and his wife Jennie run half marathons and ocean swim to raise money for cancer research with www.cantoo.org.au

About the book

This book will show you how to listen beyond the words that are spoken, to add context and meaning and listen in to what’s not being saidYou’ll learn to reconnect with your innate gift of deep listening.

Deep Listening will help you move from confusion and conflict to thoughtful, insightful and powerful discussions that will transform not just your work, but your whole life.


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