Lisa Riemers

Formerly with British Red Cross (UK)

Three tips to get what you want from your stakeholders

Presentation from DEX 2018


Have you ever felt as though the organisation is against you? While it’s nothing personal, the fluid environment of modern business can make it hard to keep confidently moving forward.

Thankfully it doesn’t need to be so hard. From finding your allies to crafting the perfect email, I’ll share some ways I’ve learned to bring your stakeholders with you on your journey. Learn how to:

  • Reduce the pain in your sign-off process
  • Smooth the way for peaceful negotiations
  • Deliver a project that works for everybody.


Lisa Riemers is an advocate for all things digital, working as a freelance communications specialist with over ten years experience across the marketing mix. She bridges the gap between communications, product and IT, helping people make the most of the tools they have available to tell their story

From strategy to delivery, content to configuration, Lisa loves wrangling intranet and digital projects. She has worked in a diverse range of organisations, from global outsourcing firms like G4S and Veolia to transport (FirstGroup), the charity sector (British Red Cross), insurance (Direct Line Group) and intranet software at Invotra.

Photographs from DEX 2018

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