Laurie Aznavoorian


Five trends in activity-based workplace design

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About my talk

At work, we are influenced by what we see and experience every day. As organisations embrace ‘activity-based working’ practices, this influences both workers and how work is done, and alters what it means to collaborate, cooperate and delegate.

This presentation will focus on five key areas of influence and their impact on workplace design. This perspective, delivered from the viewpoint of the building architect, will explore how workspace design influences staff behavior, communicates with staff and visitors, and impacts activities, processes and productivity.

About me

As director at AECOM Strategy +, Melbourne Laurie is a specialist in architecture interiors an in particular workplace strategy. With 30 years experience in Australia, Asia and the Unites Stated she consults with organisations to align the physical environment, both workplace and buildings, to the organisation’s business goals, brand and cultural objectives. She is a passionate designer, thinker and provocateur creating inspiring environments that impact business sustainability and incorporate changing economic and social trends.

Laurie is also a prolific writer and speaker and has authored five primary research initiatives and is the author of a blog covering topics relating to contemporary work styles, social trends, community attitudes, and the ever changing global economic context in its relation to workplace design.

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