Kate Kirby

University of Sunshine Coast

Managing Projects Hub: combining project management, intranets, and UX

About my talk

Project management approaches can divide organisations, with personal methodologies creating: information management nightmares; chaotic user experiences; and uncomfortable project misunderstandings, usually around critical elements such as budget and risk.

This presentation gives an honest view of what’s involved in creating a single project management framework and designing a project management hub for a university. Featuring lessons learnt, success stories and battle scars, I’ll share:

  • Developing a project management framework ‘by the users, for the users’
  • Tackling project information management
  • Tips for designing an intranet “project management hub”

About me

Kate is an information professional currently based in K-12 secondary environments, with experience bringing transformative information change in academic, public, and school organisations. Kate’s key expertise is in ensuring quality user experience across information management, project management, information technology, research and library management practices.

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