Jeremy Bowell

Transport for NSW

Connecting a diverse and dispersed workforce


Transport for NSW has a workforce of over 25,000 people working across a vast diversity of roles and locations. Not only do they deliver infrastructure on a massive scale, but they are committed to innovation, technology and meeting the needs of customers across all modes of transport across the state. 

Jeremy will share: 

  • Viva Engage tactics and strategies to create a connected workforce  
  • guiding principles for social enterprise success 
  • Transport for NSW’s multi-channel internal comms approach 
  • lessons learned and where to from here 


Jeremy Bowell is the Manager of Digital Engagement (Internal Communications) at Transport for NSW. Having held strategic marketing, project delivery and communications roles at organisations such as Optus and Rail Europe, he joined Transport for NSW to help establish their first responsive social media team. He also worked in the natural language processing and automation space which delivered one of Australia’s first Facebook Messenger bots for Transport.

Jeremy finally turned his attention to internal communications where he discovered his passion for engaging audiences across the state with meaningful and cutting-edge content.

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