Jenny Nguyen


Is your company really prepared for GenAI?


With all the hype around Large Language Models (LLMs) and the purported productivity benefits, more and more companies are jumping onboard so they aren’t left behind but many of the practical realities have been ignored.

Is your content set up to succeed? Is your content team capable of what’s necessary for you to achieve those benefits? Have you got a structure and ops model in place to sustain any benefits you gain beyond the initial implementation? And, can your users speak “Machine English”, that interesting dialect of English that shares the conventions of English grammar but doesn’t really play by our rules of conversation?

In this talk to get you thinking beyond the initial excitement of LLMs so that you can invest in what it takes to succeed, Jenny will look at:

  • the balance required between writing for machines and writing for people
  • content as the raw training data for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) based LLMs
  • the challenges of quantifying risk and measuring success
  • the expectation for users to speak “Machine English” (and what’s your plan if they don’t?)


Jenny works as a Senior Experience Designer at Telstra primarily working on the internal facing Virtual Agent as well as a proof-of-concept for the use of LLMs as a component of the employee experience. She is a passionate advocate of Human-Centred Design and Design Thinking and describes her role as “challenging others to listen a little harder and dig a little deeper to find the win-win situation between business goals and employee experience using data, AI and relentless curiosity, because people matter.”

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