James Robertson

Step Two

Moving forward: the intranet as the front door to the digital workplace

About my talk

Modern intranets are much more than they used to be, and they are increasingly connected in to the daily work of staff. Alongside this, intranet teams have grown in sophistication and knowledge.

More broadly, the ‘digital workplace’ is becoming the topic of organisations who are looking to seeking the way they work. This enables a strategy to be created that draws in all the tools and environments that staff use.

This talk will show that the intranet continues to play a powerful role, as the ‘enterprise front door’  to the digital workplace. It will also give intranet teams a concrete plan on how to move forwards, to deliver even more value for their organisations.

Topics covered:

  • Where the intranet fits in the digital workplace
  • The role of the intranet as an ‘enterprise front door’
  • What intranet teams can, and should do to move forwards

About me

James Robertson is a global leader in the intranet and digital workplace community, having written three best-selling books, Essential intranets: inspiring sites that deliver business value, Designing intranets: creating sites that work, and What every intranet team should know. With almost two decades of sustained experience in this space, James has worked with hundreds of organisations to achieve intranet success.

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