James Kleinig

Clayton Utz

Using search to drive the intranet

Presentation from Intranets2015


About my talk

In any law firm, time is precious, and helping busy legal staff make better use of their extensive information sources is an ongoing challenge. This presentation will discuss how a new ‘search-driven’ intranet was conceived, designed, developed and delivered, with disparate data sources integrated and displayed in a personalised and meaningful way. Instead of staff laboriously searching for information, the intranet now delivers the ‘right case, client, task information to the right person at the right time’.

This presentation will cover:

  • the challenge of combining disparate information systems
  • how the search-driven intranet solves the problem by joining the dots
  • what it looks like from the lawyer’s perspective
  • what we learnt a long the way

About me

James is known for joining the dots between the needs of law firms and their technology. He’s been helping law firms to innovate for over 10 years – with Clayton Utz in Sydney and previously Linklaters in London, designing and implementing knowledge sharing and process improvement systems.

James is passionate about user experience and designing systems which are built for humans, not specifications. James’ most recent project, where he implemented a lawyer-centric contextual intranet for Clayton Utz powered by enterprise search, is the topic of his presentation.

When James isn’t in front of a computer or collaborating with colleagues he’s in his garden in Adelaide growing veges with his daughters.

Photos from Intranets2015



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