Ian Ragsdale


Launch and grow your digital workplace with simplified change management


“Change management”: two words that many people shudder to hear. Although change management is a skill that more and more professionals are expected to have, it’s still often seen as a time-consuming process hidden behind a wall of abstract theory and proprietary methodologies. When it comes to your digital workplace, change management is a necessity—but how can internal comms pros work with change teams or be their own change team with minimal psychological damage?

In this presentation, Ian will explore the intersection of internal comms, change management, and digital workplace. Through his experiences, you’ll learn:
  • How to create a great launch strategy for your digital workplace
  • How to grow adoption of the digital workplace by making it a key component of your organization’s change strategies
  • How to successfully partner with change and transformation teams
  • How your comms skills make you a great change manager
  • The easy way to start working on a change strategy (free from theory and acronyms)


Ian has worked for more than ten years at the intersection of internal communications and change supporting IT, HR, Finance, Operations, and Corporate Strategy. As a member of Visa’s Enterprise Transformation Office, he leads change and communications strategy for executive initiatives that impact technology, process, and people across the entire company, such as changes to goal-setting, corporate strategy, and GenAI tools. He also manages Visa’s enterprise Change Playbook, a simple step-by-step guide to increasing adoption of change that’s built for non-change practitioners. Throughout his career, Ian has also launched and grown a broad range of digital workplace and collaboration tools, including intranets, communities, knowledge management platforms, and Office 365. With experience in change and communications strategy for retail, tech, finance, higher education, and travel sectors, Ian bears hard-earned battle scars from trying to change the hearts and minds of thousands of people under tremendous pressures of cost, timelines, and avoiding external media coverage.

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