Domino Risch


Humanising workplace experience by embracing technology


Empty offices, a widespread purpose and engagement crisis, toxic leadership, burnout, quiet quitting & the great resignation are all symptoms of the same ailment that has only been accelerated by the pandemic; that the way modern knowledge work is conducted isn’t working for anyone, the system is broken. Weaving together stories, anecdotes, historical perspective and contemporary research & evidence, Domino shows why mandates are not working and why, how smart workplace technology can help nudge us into making better decisions on where and when we come to work, and what else can be done to make people want to come to work.

Key takeaways:

  • Brush up on how the modern office has come to be;
  • Delve into contemporary trends and issues of modern knowledge work;
  • Learn how AI can help us make better, more informed decisions on where and when we come to the office
  • Discover what leaders can do to increase the happiness, effectiveness and engagement of their people.


Recognized globally as a thought leader and advocate for advancing modern work practices, Domino Risch is known for her expertise in navigating complex organizational changes through the lens of workplace design. Her extensive experience, combined with a knack for fostering strong client relationships, shines through in her project portfolio, written works, and public speaking engagements – all of which underscore her mission: to make work more human.

With a proven record of leveraging research, data, and stakeholder input to shape effective strategies and design, Domino excels at simplifying complexity. She thrives in leading diverse teams and providing strategic direction aligned with organizational objectives and culture. Her personal commitment to supporting neurodiversity and wellbeing further enriches her contributions, positively impacting the work experience for numerous leading organizations worldwide.

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