Ben Rowe

Thirst Studios

User experience and your intranet brand

Presentation from Intranets2014

About my talk

We often think of our intranet ‘brand’ as just the logo or the colour scheme. But in reality, brand means so much more. Your intranet brand is influence by interface design, usability, tone of voice, and even performance. It’s the sum of the entire user experience.
Ben’s talk will cover:
  • What does branding mean in the age of User Experience?
  •  What factor affect the overall experience of an intranet?
  •  How can you build moments of delight into your Intranet touchpoints?
  •  What metrics can you use to measure a delightful experience?

About me

Ben Rowe is a User Experience designer at Thirst Studios by day. A UX, Marketing and Strategic generalist, Ben helps businesses understand the importance of user experience strategy. He loves to create beautiful, usable digital experiences that make the world just that little bit better.

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